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So Ladies – we are all having a TIME crisis.

Whether we are trying to fit in the gym, dating a new hot guy, trying to impress our boss or raising a family, Stylist magazine recently reported (and it’s bloody true) that women now only have around 17% percent of their day to themselves. I sadly have less than this as I have two full time jobs but thankfully my hair can look great, even though I’m knackered with these new straighteners.

ghd have created these gorgeous Arctic Gold straighteners that have advanced ceramic heat technology that gives your hair that ultimate shine
and is effortless to styling with.  I was originally going to show off some cool, unique, night-out hair do with these bad boys but I was actually more distracted at how quick they made my hair look effortless in about 2 – 3 minutes!!! I couldn’t believe it when I first started to use them at how good they made my hair looked so I knew I had to pass on this knowledge to any busy women out there that need a good beauty product.

As well as looking and being great, these ghd’s come with a cute travel case so if you take them to the gym or to use at a friends, the straighteners are great to use and easy to pack away once you are done! They heat up in about 20 – 30 seconds and are easy to use, wherever you are! I never used to think I would have time to straighten my hair at the gym but now I have tried these babies, I am completely convinced!! I am going to do another cool style with these in the next few weeks but I just had to rave about how quick and easy they are to use and they leave my hair feeling AMAZING!

ghd’s always have a slightly higher price point than some other similar products but I always consider them to be like an investment that keeps you looking gorgeous and will last you for ages too!

So why not try out these ghd’s and remember, if you are always on the go, these Arctic Gold straighteners will keep you looking fresh, chic and above all, will make you feel like your beautiful self too!


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