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Winter this year has been long. It started late back in 2017 and it’s now April 2nd and there is still a chill in the air.

I’m totally a summer person so the cold weather is like torture to me but the one plus side is that I have been able to wear my snuggly winter wardrobe, that little bit longer.

To celebrate the Chinese new year, Kenzo released some new products for fans to wear for the celebrations. I am actually a massive Kenzo fan and have been deliberating about purchasing a Kenzo tiger jumper for some time. As I am always holding out for the perfect colour option, when I saw this gorgeous red tiger jumper, I knew I had to have it. Released in a jumper and tee version and available in black and red, the men’s black option was the one I wanted and I have already worn it several times. Now they did have this version available for women but I prefer a longer jumper with a relaxed cut and the women’s shape is a bit short and very fitted which isn’t suitable for my big boobs.

Another Kenzo favourite of mine is this plush leather coat which the brand created in collaboration with H&M. It’s sadly a year old for those who have been asking about it on my Instagram but if you manage to find one on eBay, you should definitely invest. 100% leather and so warm and snuggly, it was a little pricey at £200 but considering it is a leather coat and it gets regular admiring comments, I think it’s worth it.

Trainers are always something I have been obsessed with(I think I have about 20 pairs at the moment) but Zadig and Voltaire, really know what’s what when it comes to comfy footwear. Before I found these gorgeous sneakers(they were in the sale which was a bonus), I was actually thinking about buying some Gucci trainers with money from my birthday. I have always wanted a pair but after trying them on and looking at the quality, I was a bit disappointed to tell you the truth. I then checked out Zadig and Voltaire’s sale in their store near Bond Street and once I saw the quality of their sneakers, I knew I had to have some. These ones were only available on their website as they had sold out in store but after checking I was still a size 40, I bought them and have never looked back. Made again in 100% leather, they felt so soft as soon as I put my feet in them and I really love the contrast colours and then studded detailing. The brand has some other cool items too which I think I may have to invest in later in the year.

Now the bag.

I love anything a little different and when I saw this Nasa patch bag in Coach, I fell in love instantly. Gary was actually with me at the time and when Coach had their winter sale, the Hubby kindly bought me it in the traditional Rogue shape. The shape and design are ideal if you, like me, have tons of stuff to carry around with you every day and the grain leather and contrast colours are just on point!

Do you like some of my designer buys? Are there any designer items you are looking to invest in?

Coat – H&M x Kenzo, Sweater – Kenzo(similar here), Trousers – Topshop, Sneakers – Zadig and Voltaire, Bag – Coach(similar here), Sunglasses – Bailey Nelson.


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