Give your room some love this winter

Now that Christmas has left us for another year, it’s time to give your room some love this winter and reclaim your space which you may be neglecting.

As you may know, we are renovating our house and the upstairs has been done for about a year and a half. It’s very easy for your house to get messy when you are still renovating and with late nights we sometimes just dump stuff in a rush to get to bed. Washing is our biggest problem so as soon as it is dry, we are both making a massive effort to put all of it away rather than letting a week’s worth pile up on my lovely velvet chair.

My dressing table is always vicitim to things being dumped on it too so to stop me, I used these beautiful plant pots from HiTheretheShop to have as a feature. I bought some cactus from Sainsbury’s to plant in them and also bought these uber-cute Never Ending Story planters from Truffle Shuffle which look great in these pots.

Give your room some love this winter

I want to start having breakfast in bed with Gary at the weekends, a tray is key and this oak one from Sagaform is ideal! I love it’s foldable legs and Gary really commented on the craftmanship and its quality.

Give your room some love this winter Give your room some love this winter Give your room some love this winter

If you didn’t catch it, I created a post on my IG TV channel about how to dress your bed so it looks irresistiable! If you fancy watching it, click on this link and you can also see the new duvet cover that I got from Primark which really gives our bedroom some edge.

New duvet cover ideas New duvet cover ideas

I hope you enjoyed these ideas on how to give your room some love this winter. If you want more home inspiration, have a look at my other house inspired posts on my blog here.


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