Ingenious Ideas To Help You Update Your Home

Have you recently moved, or have you never got around to revamping the decor or putting your stamp on your house? If your home feels dated, or you’re eager to add personality, character or ambience, here are some ingenious ideas to update your nest. 

Experiment with colour

Adding colour and changing colour-ways are brilliant ways to spruce up your interiors and breathe new life into living spaces that lack soul or visual appeal. The colour of a room can transform the aesthetic of the space, but it can also make a huge difference to the feel and vibe of the area. You can add bright shades and flashes of colour to energise and motivate you and create fun, playful, inspirational spaces or use muted, subtle, calming colours to make rooms more tranquil and serene. Light colours make small, dark spaces seem bigger and brighter while dark tones can make living rooms and bedrooms feel cosy and intimate. Choose colours that you love and play around with different combinations using testers and mood boards to get ideas before you start painting. If you don’t want to paint walls or use wallpaper, you can inject accents of colour with accessories, such as soft furnishings, vases of flowers and plants and wall art.

Embrace smart technology

Smart home installation is a means of bringing your house up to date and reaping the rewards of innovative modern technology. With smart systems, you can save time, money and effort managing your household. You can customise your system to cover everything from security and lighting to the temperature. If you don’t already have smart technology at home, you should find that embracing new systems enables you to regulate the temperature for maximum comfort, reduce energy consumption and spending and keep an eye on your home, even when you’re far away. 

With the cost of living rising, and many families looking for ways to reduce expenses, especially energy bills, investing in smart solutions could make an incredibly positive difference. You could save money every month by setting the temperature, controlling your heating system and lighting and integrating energy-efficient appliances. 

Adjust the layout

More and more homeowners are gravitating towards open-plan living. If you have an old house, or your home has several small rooms, and you like the idea of larger, lighter spaces, it may be possible to adjust the layout. You could consider knocking down walls if you have a cloakroom next to the kitchen or you have a dining room that you never use, for example. Changing the layout can make homes more accessible and versatile, and it can also help you to enhance your lifestyle, particularly if you have children or your parents live with you. Open spaces enable people to interact and spend time together while catering to different functions and purposes.

Make the most of your outdoor space

Our homes have taken on new responsibilities in the last two years. Many of us now spend more time at home and our houses have become workplaces, places to indulge interests and hobbies, exercise spaces and entertaining bases. If you are short on space inside, it’s a great idea to make the most of your outdoor space. If you have a garden, you could use it to create an additional room as well as to socialise and relax. Garden rooms have become increasingly popular, and they are ideal for people who need more space. You can use a garden room, a log cabin or a summer house as an office, a bar, a gym or yoga studio, a creative space or a place to hang out with friends or curl up with a good book. 

If you are thinking of adding a new structure to the garden, get some quotes, gather ideas from blogs, magazines and TV makeover shows and set a budget for the project. It’s worth noting that adding a garden room could add substantial value and make your home more saleable. The demand for home offices, gyms and studios has increased since the start of the pandemic.

Are you looking for inspiration to update a house you are renovating, or are you keen to breathe new life into your home? If you want to add style and character or create more functional, versatile living spaces, why not experiment with new colour-ways, embrace smart technology, adjust the layout of your rooms or upgrade your outdoor space? From simple changes like adding colours or brightening up spaces with lighter palettes to projects like creating a home office in the garden, there are multiple ways to revamp and modernise your home.

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