Felder Felder A/W 2014 BunnipunchWhilst attending London Fashion Week last week it was apparent how many people in the industry smoke. The many downsides of such a habit, aside from the impact on your health and looks, include smelly clothes, losing time out of your day and the constant, frustrating search for the nearest smoking area. All of which as an ex-smoker I can relate to.

As a smoker who has switched to e-cigs, I count myself amongst the growing number of e-cigarette users in the UK and so for me; it was great to see their presence at London Fashion Week with Vype, a high quality brand, partnering with Felder Felder as a sponsor for their show this year.

The fact that e-cigarettes can be used inside (in some places) seemed to have heralded a change at London Fashion Week where their use was allowed. This meant that the fashion crowd didn’t need to pop outside for a smoke and designers therefore didn’t lose any models before a show. And, as one Stylist, who uses e-cigarettes, said to me there ‘They also don’t make your clothes smell so this is a huge bonus for anyone in the fashion industry!’

Backstage, I saw some models using theirs whilst their hair and makeup was being finished and even some photographers had them behind their ears, ready for whenever they need them, one of whom said ‘I used to have to leave my spot in the pit to have a cigarette but with these e-cigarettes, my spot in the pit is safe and I don’t have to worry about leaving my photography gear behind.’

In my opinion e-cigarettes are the new easy to use alternative for smokers in the fashion industry. Yes, they contain nicotine but they don’t contain tobacco so there is no ash or smoke and in some places you can use them inside, but it’s always best to ask first. Most e-cigarettes already say they are only for those who are 18 and above and soon this will be law, to stop the younger generation getting hold of them.

There is no smoke, but they release vapour – but that is pretty much odourless and undetectable to passers-by. With different flavours and strengths, e-cigarettes are a great alternative to normal cigarettes and the swap is a no brainer. In such a fast paced industry like Fashion, these new Vype e-cigarettes are great for smokers and will soon be seen all over.


Images by Lois Spencer-Tracey

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