Magic in the moonlight

I wasn’t particularly sure how ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ was going to go but I think it is a movie that is definitely worth watching. It is a rather funny yet lighthearted tale from Woody Allen and with Colin Firth and Emma Stone taking the two leading role it is full of great acting and direction Woody that makes this film likeable and easy to sit back and watch.

Emma Stone plays a Medium Sophie Baker, who has convinced all those around her that she is a genuine medium who has special powers and can contact the dead. Colin Firth plays Stanley Crawford the leading magician of the 20’s and who prides himself in exposing the psychic frauds of the world and has to prove to others(and himself) that this is no afterlife or unexplained surprises in life.

Both Sophie and Stanley have a strong banter between them which is funny, witty and a pleasure to watch as Colin Firth’s character continues to dig until he find the truth about Sophie and her powers.

Check out some of the clips below to tempt you and there is no need to wait as ‘Magic in the Moonlight’ hits cinemas now and it is well worth seeing.

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