Music mates with AO’s Jongo speakers

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Built to be portable and play music from your phone, the Jongo speaker series are the future of modern speakers. With a simply download of the Pure app, you can play music using the Bluetooth feature and use the speakers for a house party, music in the garden or even locked away with you in the shed.

With step by step instructions you can pair up with your speaks with your phone and play your own music or even listen to the radio which Pure has all set up. They even have new tracks on there which is perfect for anyone who loves music and discovering new artists.

The Pure Jongo S3X is a great little device. Available from AO with 5 speakers, internet connection and multiroom app functions, this small but very powerful speaker has great sound quality and is really easy to use.  It’s ideal for using in any room and gives you surround sound especially when placed in the middle of the room.


The Pure Jongo T6X are also great duo of speakers.  Perfect to have sitting by the TV, you could even separate them and have one speaker upstairs and one down. The sound quality again is really good and they can be paired with your phone through the Pure app too.

Whether it’s classical or rock, disco or jazz, these babies are perfect for any event and best yet, you control what you play from your phone which you can carry around in your pocket.



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