Ski & Snowboard Show 2011

Snowboarding is a little passion of mine so I was happy to be invited along to the Ski and Snowboarding Show to have a look at the fashion stalls and see what was going on at the event.
As I had a little look around Earls Court, I noticed a very Heritage looking collection of coats and hats. The stall belonged to brand Batra and had many different accessories and coats in Tweeds, faux fur and leather and I loved their fur tails they had.
After admiring the fur tails I went to have a look at what Blingy Piste Star and their collection S’no Queen have for any keen boarders and Skiers. As some kit can be a little boring for some women, S’no Queen has some great little essentials for girls who like something a little different.  Have a look on their website for S’no Queen and the other product they hold.
I then had a little walk over to Sputnik’s pop-up shop and had a look at what product they had. The brand is slightly more traditional with their clothing and accessories but they still had some great pieces of equipment and loads of gear to wear for all elements for either boarders or skiers.
I think the event was an overall success and it was nice going to something a little different from what I would normally attend.  I think I will definitely be going to the next one in 2012.
All images by Bunnipunch

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