Superdry S/S 2013

Mirror Mirror

Bag your bits

Something for your lips

Hoodies ahoy


Coloured leathers


Neon knit

Pink and Camo


wall of bags

Hawai 5 O

Just boot it

Smelling good

Time's up‘Slogans be gone’ was the message from Superdry as they unveiled their very new and very exciting S/S 2013 collection at their regent street store. The brand had their usual directional pieces but have completely revamped their ladies wear by bringing in an exclusive range, introducing skirts and dresses as a regular fixture and experimenting with trends to capture the heart of more lady fashionistas. As well as their strong leather jacket collection growing and producing more colours, the brand have now unleashed new bright coloured chino’s and even their footwear range is growing at a healthy pace. Superdry are really starting to embrace the fast pace fashion market and want their customers to be able to buy all their accessories, make-up, watches, jeans and footwear without leaving the store and I have to say, I think I will be a regular ‘Stayer’ there too.

All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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