T-TOX Tea reviewT-TOX Tea review

Tea is a huge part of my Husband’s life.  He LOVES lots of different flavours but has never regularly tried loose tea, until I discovered T-Tox. The brand have a variety of teas available to buy online including Yoga Tea, Green Tea and Pick up which is Caffeine-free but also has a natural energy boost.  All the tea’s are natural and are like a detox for the body and they taste great too!

The best thing about T-Tox though is this great glass that the brand also sells online! It is double layered so you can’t burn your hands and has a strainer that sits perfectly in the top of the glass. Once you have let you tea brew you can then transform the strainer to the lid to sit mess-free while you enjoy your healthy cup of tea.

Have a look on T-Tox’s site and see what tea’s can detox your life.

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