Vaseline testing with bunnipunchYou’re just getting ready for a night out, spray on your deodorant and notice  you have horrid white lines on your little black dress. We have all been there but sometimes we just don’t have time to wait for our deodorant to dry before we get dressed.  I normally only use a roll-on because of this issue but Vaseline have produced a Double invisible deodorant spray which will save us from those embarrassing lines. I thought I would try out this product and see if it really works.Vaseline testing with bunnipunchFirst of all I held the spray over my black top and held down the nozzle. Surprising I had to Spray in the same place for about 7 seconds before a white mark appeared.  I then wanted to see if the deodorant would rub off easily. Vaseline testing with bunnipunchVaseline testing with bunnipunchVaseline testing with bunnipunchAmazingly, just by rubbing my finger across the fabric, the white spray disappeared! I then rubbed my whole hand over the area and no marks were left at all.

I used a lot more deodorant in one place then you would if spraying this on your body but it shows that it simply rubs off if you use too much and there is no need for a damp cloth.  I also tried spraying it all over the top and no marks were left behind.  It just proves that you can look stylish and wear protection against those hot days and cool nights. Why not give Vaseline Double Invisible deodorant a try?

You won’t regret it!

Vaseline testing with bunnipunch


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