The two wheel dream

  I always dreamed of driving when I was young so it felt pretty great when I passed my test all those years ago. I love the sense of freedom driving gives you but now I want something a little more adventurous.

A Motorbike.

I know, I know. Many of you maybe saying that Motorbikes are dangerous, you are reckless to want one etc, etc but even though I know there are risks, I still do want one.

Speed has never been something that attracts me(hence why you would never see me on anything that isn’t classic looking) so with the bike of my dreams I just want to cruise along, deck myself in leathers(Superdry jacket will come in handy here) and enjoy the open road and the sound of the engine.

The only problem I have now is that I have never ridden a motorbike in my life. Once I had a boyfriend who took me out on his but I had no idea about leaning and what it would even feel like to be on one.

So to begin my new found journey I have to firstly do a CVT test. This will allow me to drive a Vesper(pink one please) and generally get used to being on two wheels instead of 4. I think the people of More Than will be able to help me with my insurance needs as they do great quotes and then I can start to build up on my years with no claims to help with the cost of my bike insurance later one. Once I’m happy I can handle a vesper, I will start to do my full bike test and then the real fun begins.

I’ve also had a dream about finding an old banged up Harley to buy and restoring it back to life. Luckly my husband is a metal worker so he could easily make parts for me and it would be amazing to see a battered bike go from a shit-tip to a beautiful swan…

I just need a few grand to get me started now…


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