Tree of Stained-glass life

Gary and Me

The Window

The Church

Religion and me both keep our opinions to ourselves but after hearing that the Rev.d (who had performed a blessing at our wedding) had given me and my husband’s name a place in his church’s new stain-glass window, I knew we had to push aside our differences. Our names were among 1,000 others, who were living or who had died but either way had touched someone enough to have their name inscribed in the glass.

Gary and I wanted to thank David for making our Wedding day so special so we contributed some money to his church. Little did we know that David has a rather Naughty but nice steak and he used that money to have our names printed onto the window that will be there long after we have left the planet and will be something our children can see. As you can imagine, I was really grateful that something like this has been done for us and it really gave me a nice wake up call, not to the goodness in religion but to people, no matter what their beliefs.

All images by Lois Spencer-Tracey


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  1. Cha says:

    That’s so lovely 🙂

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