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New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town

New York. I used to always dream of visiting this place and thanks for my friend moving there a few years back, I was able to visit this great city and discover why people loved it so much. Some folk always used to say ‘it’s like London’ but after living in our capital for nearly 9 […]

A stay with Amba Hotel in Marble Arch, London 

I’m pretty lucky in my blogging life because as well as wearing gorgeous clothes and going to great events, I also get to stay in lovely hotels and on my birthday too! As me and the fella are always up in London for 19th December, it was great to tie this yearly celebration in with […]

Monster, the right ear gear for music lovers!

Music is very important to me. From singing in bands and having an interest in dancing I pretty much have music in my life everyday. I even work for a music agency now so having a good pair of headphones is very important. I have had a couple of Monster headphones before but nothing could prepare […]

The perfect Dress for Christmas

Christmas is a great time for celebration, eating and seeing your loved ones but I also see it as a great time to get dressed up and wear something rather ‘special’. As I have enough clothes to dress my whole street, it’s really nice when you find that special item that stands out and makes you […]

Dressing up your Denim with George at Asda

Oh what did we wear before jeans were invented!! As a girl who practically lives in denim during the winter months, it was great to do a collaboration with George at Asda and show off some of their awesome denim which is online to buy right now! As I have a few pairs of baggy options at […]

Bohemian Del Boy

I love showcasing a new outfit and this one that I wore one sunny Sunday is a massive fav of mine. It all started when I first saw this coat on ASOS and I have been wearing it ever since! Now in the sale for only £51 it’s a great find and has that real […]