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The science behind the perfect summer read

It’s funny how a good Netflix or Amazon Prime series can affect us and have us thinking about that cliff-hanger for weeks. But for me, stories from authors and paperback books help me expand my mind creativity in more ways then ever. As an aspiring author (one day hopefully), I love to know what attracts […]

How to style a trench coat

Come rain or shine, the trench coat is that classic item that never goes out of style. As perfect piece to wear for someone with any taste, here are my tips on how to style a trench coat this spring/summer:  Colour is a great way to experiment with this traditional style. Whether its hot pink, Khaki or a […]

Trading in my SLR for a Olympus Pen E-PL8

I never thought I would see the day that I would trade in my SLR for what is basically a digital camera. The thought of such a thing made me laugh but when Olympus created their Pen E-PL8, I started to have second thoughts. It is a nightmare lugging my SLR around everywhere especially when doing […]

Exercising my right to style

Losing your sense of style is so easy to do. With life and work sometimes taking over, it’s very easy to lose sight of yourself and also the effort you would normally use to create your everyday look. As I haven’t been very experimental, I decided to pull an outfit together that shows my personal style […]