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Revamp your walls with Murals Wallpaper

I’m so excited to show you this new post! After 10 months of taking off plaster, replacing the ceiling, laying new floorboards, building new furniture and painting, Gary and I have finally moved ourselves and our belongings back upstairs into our room and spare room. It was super hard living/sleeping in one room but it […]

A stay with Ocean Beach, Bournemouth

I love being by the coast. There is something just so relaxing and calming about it but sadly I don’t get to be by the sea very often. Gary and I had a family get together planned in Bournemouth recently so it was the perfect excuse to relax, unwind and enjoy a weekend of sea air […]

A stay with Knoll House Hotel, Dorset

As someone who finds it very hard to switch off, getting away from it all and putting my phone on silent is rare. There aren’t many times when I can do this but when I visited Knoll House Hotel recently, I relaxed completely. Set along the Studland coast in Dorset(which we arrived at by ferry), I […]