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Cosy comforts for the winter ahead

I think us humans all like to wear our compy clobber when the weather starts to turn a bit cold. There’s nothing better than clean PJ’s, the radiators all toasty and curling up with your family and watching a movie. As it is almost prime weather for this to be a regular occurrence, I thought […]

Work accessories for that Girl Boss

For any girl who runs her own business, killer tech accessories are a great way to give your work life some spice. As I create content and social media plans for my clients, I am constantly on my phones and laptop. As I travel for work a lot too, cases for both are vital and […]

What to wear for the Summer to Autumn transition

Currently, I’m in real denial about the weather changing. I am a typical lizard who wants to be under her heat lamp but really I can’t lie to myself any longer as winter is just around the corner. With this in mind, I am looking at my wardrobe and how I can mix a bit of […]

Our new bathroom

Apart from the kitchen, I think the bathroom is one of the most important room in our homes. We spend a lot of time in there(92 days over a lifetime apparently) so having the bathroom laid out and also styled to suit our everyday lives is very important. When Gary and I first bought our house […]

Getting a good night’s sleep with Leesa

It’s funny but in my 20’s I needed little to no sleep. When I was living in London, I would be out at all hours partying(on many school nights) at Heaven or with my friends in west London enjoying some home-cooked meals. But as soon as I hit my mid 30’s, all of a sudden, […]