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Ambition. When is enough, enough?

I have always been super ambitious. Even since my early teens, I have always wanted more for myself and I was never afraid to work hard for it. Through my twenties and thirties I was always driving for the next client, big opportunities and even bigger aspirations but now that I am about to hit […]

Building a DIY garden office? Read this first!

Let’s set the scene. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve been spending much of your time working from home. While that offers convenience for you in many ways, there’s a disadvantage of such a working environment: you find it hard to concentrate at home. The noise and distractions from other family members, even when they […]

Sage Advice For Living Wild And Free

Imagine if you could wake up one day and feel totally free from all your problems. No more guilt, shame, fear, anger or loneliness. Imagine if all your anxiety about life could suddenly be lifted and you could proceed as if there wasn’t a single problem in your life.  It may sound like a pipe […]