Loewe, the lover of chic and bags has taken inspiration from Japan and it’s Cherry Blossom to create their new limited edition leather goods. With the flowers decorating their branch’s and the bags sitting perfectly among one of Natures greats, the pieces look as if they were part of the tree themselves.
Loewe Stores have also displayed this vision, showing off these beautiful items and the part of nature that influenced them.

As we all know Japan, has had a tough time the last couple of months so that’s why Loewe have set up a Microsite to except donations from all over the world to go towards the Red Cross and it’s efforts to help the people of Japan. You can also add a little Support message just so the people and workers know there are others thinking of them from all over the planet. These Messages will be displayed at Loewe’s Sendai Store which was the store worst effected from the disaster, in the Loewe family.  So if you have a chance in your lunch time, or in the evening when you are surfing the net, please place a small donation to help those in need and affected by the tragedy in Japan.

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