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Packing for Paris with ASOS

Normally when it comes to traveling, I am pretty relaxed at what I take with me in my suitcase. Normally I plan outfits and think about temperature and situations etc but as this trip to Paris is mine and Amy’s first one for our Mimi and Lolo collaboration, I really was a little at a loss of what […]

Trend mix

Sometimes, I really have no direction when it comes to getting dressed. If I’ve had no sleep and feel part Zombie part Crazy lady, whatever is clean is the first option I look for. It’s funny then that the morning I threw on this little outfit throughly sleepy eyes,  I managed to get dressed in 3 trends at once and… Somehow […]

Dinner with Gars, Brighton

When I first read about Gars I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  A modern, Family-run Chinese restaurant with quiet eating spots and a great nightlife? The idea just seemed like an unrealistic dream to me but when me and Gary arrived at there, we were pleasantly surprised. Based a stones-throw away from Brighton Beach, […]

Breaking my own fashion mold

Don’t these pictures look warm and sunny? Well truth be told, it was actually bloody freezing when Amy took these shots of me in Hyde Park. I always look at the weather report before I leave early each morning for work but on this day it was meant to be sunny and 18 degrees?!! Anyway […]

Dinner with Royal China, Bayswater, London

Me and Chinese food go way back. From a young age, my parents introduced me to sweet and sour chicken, noodles, pawn crackers and since then I have been hooked. I don’t get to eat Chinese much in London so when me and Amy received an invite to Royal China in Bayswater, I knew we had to […]