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Last minute Halloween Makeup ideas…

We have all been there…had a Halloween bash on the horizon and not had any idea of what to wear how to do our makeup… As I’m someone who realises she is in this predicament on the day of the party, I thought I would show you some quick looks that took less then 10 minutes each […]

Give your Autumn a summer hit with Makers & Co

It’s always sad when summer ends and the colder weather creeps in but there is no reason why we can’t continue rituals we reserve for the warmer months. After some really hard and gruelling months to get our garden redone, it’s no wonder I want to spend lots of time in it. Luckily, after discovering Makers & Co, Gary […]

Quick Beauty hacks for any girl

Sometimes I think I’m a dreadful excuse for a woman. I brush my hair only once a day, I pick off my nail vanish, I wear no makeup at least twice a week and I bite my nails… aaaagghhh! Now it’s not like I want to be like this(wearing no makeup does feel great though), […]

Vintage Paris

I totally loved dressing up for our trip to Paris. Playing around with trends and mixing brands is something I love doing but I think this outfit here was my favourite one of the whole trip. Drawing on inspiration from 70’s suede and embroidered gypsy dresses, I think this ensemble works really well and I […]

#DotsRaiseLots for RNIB

Since I was 5, I have always been affected by having bad eyesight in both eyes, so when RNIB approached me about supporting their Dots Raise Lots campaign, I knew I wanted to get involved. I’m lucky that contact lenses or glasses can help with my day-to-day life, but many people have to live with […]