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4 things you can do to increase your confidence levels

If you are feeling down and low about the way you look there are things you can do to give yourself the boost you need and deserve. Covid-19 lockdowns may have hit you hard and you might have found yourself raiding the cupboards and fridge more often than you would normally. I have definitely been […]

Updating your bathroom for less this year

What does your bathroom say about you?  We’ve all seen that advert for a new kitchen during your “house barrasement” but is your bathroom giving you the same fear? The thing with bathrooms is that you need them to feel fresh and clean to be a welcoming place to visit. But what do you do […]

Getting better Sleep Cycles with TEMPUR®

When I was in my 20’s I seriously took sleep for granted. I used to party for long hours out in London with my mates until 2am and then be in work at Topshop for 7:30am. This did happen a little more then I would like to admit but now I am firmly in my […]

Top 4 indicators it’s time to remodel your home

What is more exciting than seeing your living space looking amazing? If you love your home, and most people do, you will understand the feeling of serenity and peace of mind that comes when your place is in top condition. Many do put off repairs and upgrades to their homes until it feels like it […]