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Autumn leafs

I love red leafs, don’t you? There’s something about them that screams, ‘Photograph me’ so after I pulled this outfit together, I knew they would make a gorgeous backdrop to pop against my outfit. Even though I am a summer person through and through, I’m actually not minding this wrapping up and layering business. As I […]

What to wear this Halloween…

Halloween was always an American holiday that us Brit used to treat with a pinch of salt but as our retail industry and the media love to promote this spooky season, the rest of us are adopting the US traditions of pumpkins, costumes and tons of candy. There is tons of things to wear for […]

East London Graffiti

After me and Gary had our lovely meal at The Diner the other week, I wanted to show you this cute boho style outfit that I pulled together for our outing. I love graffiti walls so when I saw these cool pieces of art on our way back to Liverpool Street, I asked Gary to grab […]

Through the years of air travel fashion

Many of us wear a uniform. Weather you are a doctor, nurse, police officer, vet or traffic warden, uniforms give an identity and show authority. Of all the uniforms in the world, air hostesses and pilots are ones I find most interesting of all. With long days and many different time zones, I don’t know how […]

This is the night….

With all the romance in the air from our dinner at Carnivor (see here), this great location was ideal to capture the outfit that I wore for mine and Gary’s meal out.  As it was the last opportunity to really show off some summer clobber, I really wanted to wear this beautiful outfit from Superdry! […]

Dinner with Carnivor, Sant Pere de Ribes, Catalonia Spain

Reliving our holiday from last month is a great experience. Even though it is now cold in the UK and I am having to wear a winter coat, I have these great pictures and adventures that I can look back on and hopefully look forward to again next year with our gang of friends. You […]