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Mifo O5 PLUS Wireless Earbuds are music to my ears

Mifo O5 Wireless Earbuds

Training for a marathon can be tough. As music is like oxygen to me, the new Mifo O5 PLUS Wireless Earbuds are music to my ears on those early morning runs. Available with a slick little chargeable dock, these earbuds are easy, light and very convenient. I wasn’t sure how the earbuds would even stay in my […]

My aims and aspirations for 2018

I can’t believe it is 2018 already. Whenever a new year starts, we also seem to reaccess and look at what we can do better, or what dreams we can make become true. For me, 2017 was all about the house and setting up my own business. I’m so pleased I started working for myself […]

Safe and secure with Shock Absorber

With a busy job that consists of late nights and working weekends, I have put on weight. Now I didn’t mean this to happen but when you aren’t looking after yourself properly, it’s easily done. I was eating the wrong food, my cholesterol crept up and I felt knackered all the time. As I’m trying […]

Zumba gear isn’t just for dancing

If you have ever gone to your local Zumba class, you may have seen the regulars wearing their Zumba gear while they dance through their routine. I am not really one to buy gear unless it’s for running but I loved the colour of this vest top and best of all, I can wear it […]

The best sports Bra’s in town

I recently completed my first official half Marathon last week and it was a great achieve for me and I now what to concentrate on doing a full Marathon. With such a high impact sport that takes me over different terrain, it is important that my boobs are protected and held in place so I […]

Get Slender with Slendertone

I don’t know why, but I have always been rather skeptical about any at-home fitness tricks, trends and videos and to stay in shape, I have to work extremely hard. I have known about Slendertone for many years now but have always been reluctant to try out this Abs enhancing machine.  After seeing the advert […]