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A trip to Tenerife with Jet 2

A trip to Tenerife with Jet 2

So you may have seen from my Instagram that I have been majorly spamming about Tenerife. I was recently invited along with some other cool bloggers to the island by Jet 2 and I had an amazing time! While we were there we were given a crash course in amazing sights and scenes that anyone […]

Dinner with The Jones Family Kitchen, London

I love a restaurant that feels homely. I instantly feel relaxed and at ease and The Jones Family Kitchen, is a cut above the rest. Set just off the main busy hub of Victoria, you could easily walk past and not experience this intimate restaurant if you didn’t know it was there. I fell in […]

Fun at The Crystal Maze Experience London

The Crystal Maze London

So if you are as old as me, you probably remember a little programme we had in the UK called The Crystal Maze.  If you haven’t seen this show(watch here), basically a team of friends would take part in either a mental, physical, mystery and skill game and the aim is to win a crystal. […]

A little Spice Girl nostalgia with WALKERS

Spice Girls Walkers

So you may not know this but I was a huge Spice Girls fan when I was 12/13. Wannabe had just come out and for a girl of that age, it was like a shiny, sassy unicorn entering my life. I loved the whole ‘Girl Power’ message the band shouted from the rooftops but the […]